The Dirty War on the NHS (January 2024)

Published on 1 January 2024 at 21:26

John Pilger's death in December 2023 reminds us of his commitment the NHS. And here we recall his 2019 documentary, The Dirty War on the NHS, which he said went "to the heart of the struggle for democracy today". Britain's National Health Service, the NHS, was the world's first universal public health service. 

Designed to give millions of people "freedom from fear", the NHS today is under threat of being sold off and converted to a free market model inspired by America's disastrous health insurance system, which results in the death every year of an estimated 45,000 people. 

Filmed in Britain and the United States, this timely, compelling documentary still touches us all and reveals what may be the last battle to preserve the most fundamental human right. 

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