Media Articles

Covid track & trace failure

Here are some media articles that will help explain why PoNHS is so passionate about protecting the NHS from further cuts and privatisation.  Click on the links to read the articles.


May 2024 - Decaying hospitals highlight government failure to invest in the NHS - Pledge to spend £3.7bn on infrastructure by 2030 has so far not delivered


April 2024 - England A&E wait times led to needless deaths of up to 14,000, data suggests - Royal College of Emergency Medicine calculates 268 people are likely to have died each week in 2023 while waiting up to 12 hours for a bed


Mar 2024 - NHS funding faces biggest real-terms cuts since 1970s, warns IFS - Health spending in England to suffer 1.2% cut, worth £2bn, despite extra costs, thinktank’s analysis finds


Feb 2024 - Five politically-connected healthcare giants rake in NHS contracts worth billions - Bridgepoint, Bupa, Centene, Spire, and United Health have been implicated in a litany of scandals & controversies in the UK & America.


Nov 2023 - Patient privacy fears as US spy tech firm Palantir wins £330m NHS contract - US spy tech firm Palantir wins NHS contract sparking patient privacy fears.


Aug 2023 - Let private and third sectors cut NHS waiting lists, says Steve Barclay - Health secretary says more private & third sector providers should be used to cut waiting lists.


Jul 2023 - Charging migrants more for NHS care isn’t just bad for migrants – it’s bad for all of us - Charging migrants more for NHS care is bad for us all.


Aug 2023 - Private equity has its sights on the NHS - Almost 8 million on the hospital waiting list. Some opaque investors see the crisis as a money making opportunity. 


Aug 2023 - Babylon was all about short-termism  - The collapse of Babylon Health was all about short-termism.


Aug 2023 - Ministers claim these centres are cutting NHS waits. They’re not even open  -- Government claims 114 community diagnostic centres are up & running.  We found 30 that aren't. 


Nov 2023 - Wes Streeting wants NHS 'wide open' to private sector - Wes Streeting wants NHS 'Wide open' to private sector.


Dec 2023 - What are the costs of privatisation in the UK’s healthcare system?  - What are the costs of privatisation in the UK's healthcare system? Waste, loss of patient's trust, inequities in access, self-seeking for-profit service sector, a two tier healthcare system?