Private equity owner of NHS GP surgeries accused of contract breach

Published on 24 April 2024 at 22:16

The 49 surgeries were originally owned by US corporation Centene, via its UK subsidiary Operose, but in December 2023, Operose was sold to HCRG Care, owned by the UK private equity group Twenty20 Capital.  

The GP surgeries are operating under APMS (Alternative Provider Medical Services) contracts, and a new owner is required to apply for a change of control permission from local NHS commissioners. According to campaigners, this was not officially been granted.  under APMS contracts, once it comes to commissioners’ attention that contractors have changed control without prior authorisation, they must serve notice terminating the contracts ‘forthwith’.  What is private equity?  Private equity is an investment area that is geared up to make as much profit for investors in as short a time as possible. 

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Twenty20Capital is an organisation with the purpose to create platforms for wealth creation.  So essentially a business designed for profit not patientsThis is a link to their website which shows they are all about profit.

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